Monday, February 28, 2011

Cheap, stylish, and tasty.

Mr. S. and I went to Burning Bush Grille in Prospect for our Friday date night.  We were initially impressed by the reasonable prices, the presence of bison (yum!) and the neat decor.  (They were showing the Cooking Channel instead of ESPN or some sports game...yay!)

I ordered the chicken and ground bison kebab, which also came with rice, a vegetable kebab and a small flat piece of lavash bread.  The tender grilled chicken had a very mild spice rub, while the bison was a little saltier.  The vegetables merely tasted grilled (which is great, don't get me wrong), and the rice was buttery (my only complaint, besides wishing there was more tzatziki sauce).  This was $11.32, and one of the most expensive items on the menu.
Mr. S. ordered the super gyro ($7.55) which he reported as "good, but not the best gyro I've ever had."  The bread was soft and delicious.  Again, the meat was very mildly seasoned, not to the point of being bland, but unmemorable.

So overall, we appreciated the prices (especially with a LivingSocial coupon), the care taken in presentation, and the quality of the food.  I think that we like things spicier than most people, so that may be the cause of  slight discontent.  We will return if we're ever in this part of town again.  

Upcoming food adventures on The Hungry Panda:
-Vietnamese coffee (I'm a procrastinator)
-pane siciliano (ditto)
-whole wheat rye from bread class (ditto)
-croissant challenge (We haven't done this yet, but I have some French butter in the secret ingredient...don't tell Mr. S.) 
-DENVER!  (I'm taking a vacation from my vacation, and I'm thrilled.) 


  1. Goodness girl... how often do you and Mr. S eat out?

  2. Too often..usually 1x/wk. We are going to cut down though esp with rising gas costs. :/. We still have LivingSocial/Groupons/ certificates though.

  3. Honestly... once a week does not seem all that bad.


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