Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need another cupcake like I need a hole in my head.

 Chocolate- It smells good. (This is for my landlady.  I really can't eat more than one of these at a time.  Keeping both my health and my figure can be trying.)
 Maker's Mark bourbon chocolate- I really like the red "wax."  :D This one's for Mr. S., so I will report back later on how it tastes.  But it smells like bourbon, so it is promising already!
Edit: The frosting subtly tasted like bourbon and was an excellent complement to the chocolate.
 Vietnamese coffee- The coffee cake was delectable, and the frosting even more so.  Both tasted strongly of coffee, and it wasn't bitter like the tiramisu.  Definitely a favorite.
Dollop of condensed milk in the middle (you know, in homage of true Vietnamese coffee)  :)
I satisfied a Boston cream pie craving with this cupcake earlier this week.  It was lovely.  I especially enjoyed the custard in the middle and the rich chocolate ganache.

Switching gears-- I visited The Briar Knob Bread and Stuff yesterday and had a huge piece of whole wheat sourdough cinnamon cranberry bread with the owner.  Despite being 10 days old, the bread was flavorful (although slightly dry, which is to be expected).  It had a generous amount of cranberries and I enjoyed it immensely (esp. as I hate raisins).  The only fault I found was that it did not taste like sourdough.  At all.

So today, I decided to try one of their products.
Snowmen are cute.  Don't hate.
A sizeable loaf, for $4.50.
Hardly any air pockets, as you can see.  This bread disappointed me.  It tasted exactly like my white bread, except sweeter.  It had absolutely no sourdough taste (I was expecting this) despite being labeled as sourdough bread.  :(  At least it doesn't have preservatives, has an excellent shelf life, and supports the community. 
Edit:  I discovered this past weekend that I enjoy this bread toasted.  I also bought some eggs from a person at work, so I had a completely local breakfast on Saturday!  

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