Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking chances feels good.

Recently, I read an article about a Cuban trailer floating around the city.  I've always been a germophobe and thus avoided street food, so it wasn't until I heard multiple accounts of the wonderful food that I made the 10 mile journey to investigate this further. 

First, I had to call the chef on his cell phone to see where he was that day.  He rotates between three dealerships: Oxmoor Ford, Mazda, and Toyota. 

Based on reading the forums at, I ordered the Cuban sandwich and, as a side, the rice with chorizo.  My second choice would've been the sweet potato fries though.

There is a short wait since your food is prepared in front of you.  I enjoyed watching him work, and I think this box weighed at least 3 pounds.  At $7.42, this easily fed two people.  Mr. S. had a nice dinner that night. 
The sandwich contained ham, marinated shredded pork, tomatoes, onions, and pickles, with a creamy yogurt sauce and optional cayenne pepper.  (The pepper adds just a hint of spiciness without being overwhelming, so don't be scared to ask for it.)  I decided not to get the cheese.  This was extremely flavorful and a bit wet, which made for messy eating, although the bread was not soggy.  I happily devoured this in the front seat of my car since it was raining outside and I abandoned my idea of eating it in the nearby mall.  This is the best Cuban sandwich I have ever had, far surpassing Havana Rumba's, because the latter's pork is simply boiled and has almost no flavor.

The chorizo rice was a little salty and greasy, but also packed with flavor and a generous amount of meat.

The menu also features breakfast omelets, Mexican torta sandwiches, Cuban ribs, quesadillas, and an interesting selection of several Cuban desserts.  It appears to be a one-man show.  This chef has worked at a number of restaurants and told me that business has been slow this winter because people don't know he's certified by the health inspection board.

Bottom line: if I lived closer, I'd come more often to El Rumbon.  Call 502-210-9087 if you are looking for a fantastic, cheap lunch option (and if you're not a vegetarian).  They're only open on weekdays from 9 am- 3 pm.  :)

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