Saturday, May 22, 2010

Out of my league

We went to Vincenzo's today.  It's a nice perk of being married to an important person.  (LOL---just kidding.  It's actually due to the generosity of Mr. S's boss.  We wouldn't be eating at this place otherwise...)

Salad with 4 pieces of Bibb lettuce, grape tomatoes, mandarin oranges, pecans, and cucumbers
Veal with lemon juice, capers, mushrooms, slices of cantaloupe and honeydew, and a veggie/potato medley (my dish)
Ribeye steak with random sprig of rosemary in wine sauce, mushrooms, and veggie/potato medley
 Raspberry sorbet and tiramisu
Verdict: The veal was very good with a mild, buttery flavor and some sour flavor from the lemon juice.  It was thin and moist, in contrast to other veal that I've eaten.  I don't like capers, so I didn't eat them.  The veggies were saltier and I enjoyed the contrast of flavors in the dish.  (Mr. S. reports that the steak was tasty; he liked the wine sauce.)  I wasn't expecting to like the raspberry sorbet, but it was lovely.  The tiramisu didn't have any coffee flavor, but it was delectable too.

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