Monday, May 3, 2010

Food heaven, as promised.

Mr. S. and I went on a road trip to visit my grandparents.  I'd missed them, and it felt so good to visit.  
As always, the food did not disappoint.  I got to watch a master chef at work and picked up some new recipes and techniques.  :)  I think that we've both eaten enough for the rest of the week...
Back to front, clockwise: pork chops, chả, beef with broccoli in oyster sauce 

Fried catfish with bell peppers, tomatoes, and homegrown onions (and a cilantro/perilla garnish)
Grilled duck and pork ribs
Bánh bao  

This doesn't even include the gigantic bowls of phở we had, both at the beginning and at the end of our visit.  Homemade phở is the best.  :)

We did make a little time for road food, in the spirit of Alton Brown.
 I didn't buy anything, but aren't the cakes gorgeous?  If only I had that much talent... 
"Do you have to take a picture of everything?"  Yes, I do.  This little Greek pastry (chocolate almond...something) tasted like a doughnut due to the copious amounts of glaze.  I prefer baklava.
Kraut balls-- as in, fried balls of sauerkraut.  Much better than I anticipated.  Now we're just wondering how to make them.  :)

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