Thursday, May 20, 2010


We went to Seviche today to eat ceviche.  Pictures first:
L to R: Ahi Tuna, Hamachi Yellowtail Tiradito, and Oyster Shooters  (This whole plate was $25.  No, I'm not kidding.)
Close-up of Ahi Tuna

 Tuna Taquitos, the Wild Salmon Special of the Day, and the Wild Halibut Special of the Day (This plate was $25 too!  How did you guess?)

 Grilled Vegetable Tower (Seriously, they called this a tower??!)
Verdict: Not impressed.  The ceviche was good, with the exception of the Oyster Shooters (imagine drinking shots of Bloody Mary with one bit of oyster as big as the tip of my pinky finger in each shot).  The best ceviche for me was the Ahi Tuna, followed by the Wild Salmon and Wild Halibut specials.  They all had different flavors--- the tuna had a strong spicy taste, the salmon had a strong lime flavor mixed in with other spices, and the halibut was smooth and creamy.

The only unique things about the veggie tower (besides the $17 price tag) were the goat cheese on top (creamy with a bit of tanginess) and the delicious grilled portobello mushroom.

We left the restaurant hungry and had to go get McDoubles.  NOT a good sign.  Plus the bill came out to $71.  :\

*Edit:  You really didn't think that we would spend that much on one meal, right??  ;)  We did get $35 off thanks to a Groupon (ask me for a referral, it's wonderful if you love local deals for food, shopping, and entertainment). 

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