Monday, April 5, 2010

Pita Delites Review

Bedtime awaits, so this will be a short review. I'm still working out the kinks in the site, since I'm not used to Blogger at all. And I haven't had a web site in umm....years, and haven't written for fun in that duration as well. Let's see how much time I can spend on this...

1616 Grinstead Dr.

Decor: cute. As you can tell, it's located in what used to be a house. The restaurant was clean with simple decor, including a couple of camel statues.

Budget: friendly. The most costly entrees were $14 each.

Service: The waiter filled up our water glasses in a timely manner. No complaints here.

Food: Your basic Mediterranean fare: appetizers such as spanakopita, baba ganoush, hummus, and dolmades; sandwich platters with beef & lamb, chicken, falafel, or the ubiquitous gyro, and dinner platters including shish kabobs, the salmon, lamb, and kibbeh seen below. The sandwich platters come with a choice of salad (Greek, tahini, or house) and rice (veggie basmati or mujadara).

Thoughts: Mr. S. and I bought the falafel sandwich platter with a Greek salad and veggie basmati rice ($9.99). Our friends got the other dishes pictured. We all enjoyed the food overall. The falafel was smothered in a sour tahini sauce, which I didn't like. (I would've preferred tzatziki sauce, but that's just a personal bias.) The salad was nothing special: lettuce, tomato, bits of cucumber, and feta in a lemon oil dressing. We were most impressed by the rice, which was flavorful, moist, tasting (and smelling) strongly of cinnamon. The worst aspect of the dish was the pita bread---it was tough and tasted like it was out of a bag rather than the oven.

Bottom Line: Fairly cheap Mediterranean food. I would return again, although I'd avoid the pita bread.

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