Friday, January 28, 2011

Mozz | Mozzarella Bar and Enoteca

Mozz is a fairly new restaurant in Louisville.  It's main attraction is a mozzarella bar, featuring homemade cheeses.   This restaurant, like many other higher-end places in town, also features food from local farms.  

I had an incredible dinner there last week with Mr. S. and a true gastronome.  We talked about nothing but food, wine, and restaurants for three hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  His generosity and commitment to savoring culinary pleasures is truly admirable.

And now, for my review!

This was a hollow flatbread with shredded cheese and parsley atop.  The first loaf we received (shown here) was very crispy.  The second loaf was softer and tasted more like pita bread.
The calamari was perfectly breaded and came with a lemon tartar sauce.  (Sorry for the slant.  We had two bottles of Willamette Valley pinot noir and someone got a little tipsy...)  Our other appetizer was a ball of mozzarella topped with pesto and sprouts, alongside cherry tomatoes.  Very tasty, especially the cheese.
This was my entree- the Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt & Pepper Sliced Filet "Tagliata" Spicy Mustard & Arugula, Gorgonzola Dolce, and Duck Fat Fries.  The filet was tasty, and the flavors of the gorgonzola, lemony baby arugula, and spicy mustard complimented it perfectly.  (The spicy mustard wasn't hot at all, and also had a lemon flavor.)  The duck fat fries were very thin, crispy, and not greasy at all.  This dish was completely lukewarm by the time it arrived, so I focused on the meat and greens more than the fries.  The taste of duck fat wasn't distinctive at all, either. 
Mr. S's meal---the Marksbury Farm's Brick Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, Marsala, 15-year Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Arugula & Lemon.  He enjoyed it immensely, stating that it was the best chicken he's ever had.  We were so impressed that he received a whole chicken!
 We tried each others' desserts.  This is the Meyer lemon tart.  I finally understand why Meyer lemons are so prized---this was lemony without being overly tart.  Perfect.
 Mr. S.'s cannoli.  I typically do not care for the stuff, but this tasted good.  It also had mini chocolate chips in it.
 My tiramisu; this was the lightest coffee flavor that I've ever tasted.  Very light on the tongue and easy on the eyes.

The one downside to this place is that it is extremely loud.  By the end of the evening, my throat was so hoarse from yelling across the table.  We were seated near a stage with a singer and live music, but it seemed to be loud everywhere.  The seating arrangement (long benches with interspersed tables for different parties) could be awkward at times as well.  We should've checked our coats in at the desk.  :)

Overall, I had an amazing time and I think that we'll be back someday.

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  1. Your dinner sounds amazing! I'm so glad you're writing reviews. Very thorough!


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