Monday, January 31, 2011

The Danville, KY bakery tour

Last week, I decided to explore my surroundings, starting with the most important part of Main Street.  :)  Burke's Bakery and Delicatessen has been in Danville for four generations, and it appears to be your typical small-town bakery, offering doughnuts, gingerbread cookies, petit fours, pies, different breads, and lots of cookies.  I walked in and asked, "What is your best selling item?"  I then purchased chocolate macaroons, a butter roll, and Mexican wedding cookies (the last isn't a best-seller, but I was curious).

The "macaroons" (for they are unlike any macaroon I've ever seen...) were crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and faintly reminiscent of chocolate.  I liked them.  The Mexican wedding cookies tasted like sugar and walnuts/pecans.  The fantail roll tasted like butter and was very dense--- good, but not a favorite.

I saved the best for last.  I tried a chocolate cupcake with vanilla/cream cheese frosting at work and fell in love with the works of The Twisted Sifter Cake Shoppe (  I'm not a cupcake person---in fact, I normally treat cupcake shops with scorn---but these are definitely worth the $4.77 I paid.  (Plus, they're cheaper than every other cupcake place I've seen!)

Key lime pie- even the frosting tasted like lime.  This was divine.
Tiramisu- The bottom of this was slightly bitter and soaked with coffee.  :\  I shouldn't have waited a day to eat it.  The frosting was lovely (vanilla/cream cheese again!) although I couldn't taste the espresso sprinkles.

On Wed., I will be taking a cake decorating class at The Twisted Sifter, learning how to make and work with marshmallow fondant.  :D  I hope to document this process---having a new hobby is exciting!  Rolling out sugar cookies frustrates me greatly, so I am moving to cupcakes to practice my frosting skills.  I must make use of the Wilton 52 tip set I have, after all....

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