Monday, January 17, 2011

Leftovers from OKC

 Italian bread---I was not completely satisfied with this because I was unable to get the steaming technique down just right.  When I try again and am successful, I will post the recipe in full.
 Blood and tongue sandwich from Ingrid's Kitchen.  Despite the horror inducing name, this tasted like a cross between roast beef and salami.  Quite tasty, really.
 Our cookie tour of Ingrid's Kitchen.  Starting at the left upper corner and going clockwise: chocolate crisp, snickerdoodle, sugar, pinwheel, rum, divinity, Russian rock, spice, and Swedish dream.  The chocolate crisp was VERY crispy and tasted like a brownie.  Snickerdoodle and sugar were excellent.  The rum and Russian rock were also favorites (the latter tastes like cinnamon).  Spice was overly sweet and frosted.  The worst cookies by far were divinity, Swedish dream, and pinwheel, all of which had an overwhelming sweetness.  The first two cookies were also chalky and very dense. 
 Grilled pork sandwich from Lee's Sandwiches.  YUM.  I also love their "European-style"  (??) sandwiches on freshly made croissants.  Saigon Baguettes also has an amazing banh mi sandwich, as I also discovered.  (And the best egg roll I've had outside of home!)  Unfortunately, the camera did not come along that time. 

 Some of my mom's delicious food

 Mr. S's homemade smoked salmon
 Sushi at Sumo Restaurant in Edmond.  This is the Red Canyon Roll.  I especially loved the bits of crawfish that were everywhere. 
These are the spicy salmon and Leon rolls; also tasty.

I will only be cooking on the weekends for the next month thanks to my mercurial schedule, but a basil egg fettuccine tutorial is pending!

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