Monday, November 22, 2010

To the window, to the wall

I'd been feeling very uninspired lately.  The best thing I've made recently are Hungarian cookie bars that I didn't even photograph, because they were ugly and sticky...but everyone ate them all.
In fact, the most exciting things I've done in 2 weeks are finish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series...and go canoeing/camping. 

Anyway, here's my (lack of) culinary life in pictures:

 Naked Pizza---$15.99 for a 12 inch pizza that is a 6/10 at best....meh.  (I can picture the objections of "But it's ORGANIC!" Crust, sauce=lackluster.  Toppings were okay; my favorite part was the strong mozzarella.)
Happy Hour at BD's Mongolian Grill.  "I may not always drink beer, but when I do...I drink Dos Equis." (The wings sucked though.)
 Can you broil tofu and eliminate oil?  Yes, but then you get a LOT of burnt parchment paper.  And one warped pan.

 Sushi at Sapporo Grill---mediocre at best, but for half off, not bad!
 Sliders at Hamburger Hinkel's in Madison, IN---I've decided that I don't like sliders, but these were a hell of a lot better than White Castle.
 My upstairs neighbor made us flan, which I do not like.  This was kind of flavorless. :\  And yes, my husband is responsible for the left side of this picture. 
 We finally bought a cast iron pan.  This is Mr. S.'s deep dish pizza.  Yum.
And his Grandma's biscuits.
 Our dear neighbor J's potato kuku!  (Nope, couldn't stop Mr. S. from taking a piece of this either...)
 Mr. S. made these for some people at work (as opposed to asking me to make them for a change).  ;)

Alton Brown's steak.  Too salty and peppery for us, and more rare than medium rare, but it's not bad. 

Mr. S's grandma's chili with saltines.  My camera died that night, so I don't have pics of the eggs and bacon we had the next morning (not that you can't imagine what those look like...)
Our pizza box last night from Papa Johns; it made me laugh. 
Future posts someday:
-Semolina pasta
-More bread
-Review for Lilly's (yet another ritzy Louisville restaurant) 
-Hungarian cookie bars (because they're worth it)


  1. I also dislike White Castle sliders! I'm very happy to know I'm not the only one.

    What did you do with the broiled tofu?

  2. I have a dish that requires fried tofu, tomatoes, pork/chicken, cilantro, and onions. My goal this year was to reduce my usage of oil, so I've been experimenting with the broiler more.

    I would do this technique again, but the bottom of the tofu was still uncooked. :\ So more than 10 min. would be required.

  3. Dear Panda,

    We at Naked* Pizza are completely embarrassed by the pizza that was served to you. We have used your photo as a training tool..."ugly pizza alert". We want to reach out to you and make you a Rajun Cajun that looks like it should! Give us a call, 502-410-2211! It's on us!

    Tribe Naked*

  4. Naked Pizza was more bland in flavor than anything. I really expected a spicy type of pizza for "Rajin' Cajun". How is this an ugly pizza???? It looked fine.

  5. I concur with Mr. Salty. I thought it was a pretty pizza that was lacking in flavor, particularly given the name.


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