Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Round-up of random pics (yep, today is double post day)

 Mikato's Steak and Sushi---one of your generic places where the food is a little more American than Japanese.  But nevertheless still tasty.

 Mocha espresso at Derby City Espresso, with my delightful book club.
 Beautiful sugar cookies at Doll's Market
 Sombrero pasta, also at Doll's
Doll's Market mini cakes
 Above: lemon berry bar; below: Oreo dream bar (from Doll's and delicious)

 I've become attached to several bakeries in this area.  Cake Flour is my absolute favorite for scones and muffins (I'm eating a pumpkin chocolate chip scone now as I type, actually).  Nord's is for doughnuts, Heitzman's makes awesome butter kuchen, and Plehn's Bakery makes some of the most beautiful cakes I've ever seen.  They also sell cookies, brownies, doughnuts, bread, kuchen, and Amish noodles.  PLUS they have a soda fountain counter where you can get drinks and sandwiches. 

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