Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just whistle while you work

I have proclaimed this week Vietnamese Food Week.

Why?  I'm not really sure.  I am fortunate enough to be with a guy who has a self-proclaimed "Asian stomach" but I haven't been preparing much at home lately.  We've been going out quite a bit.  :\  Anyway, here are some pics.  I would post recipes, but I don't really measure anything and it would be difficult.  Just ask me if you are curious.
Tofu, tomato, and egg (for protein) soup, in a chicken broth base--this was from last night.

 My mom makes this dish with pork, and adds green onions.  I dislike both and so this is a tofu, tomato, and chicken breast dish.  I have looked up this dish online, and typically it is done with just the tofu and tomato.  But protein is good, don't you agree? 

Fuzzy squash soup and my grandma's homemade cha in the forefront.  I've been hoarding the 2 rolls she gave me since May!

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