Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't suffer fools gladly.

Work is stressing me out.  :P  So now I'm playing catch up and posting multiple small restaurant reviews.  And watching another Futurama movie. 
Clockwise from left: mint, tamarind, and onion chutney at Dakshin.  The mint was my favorite.
Southern Indian lamb & goat curry (good, but not awesome).
Beef/goat gyro, chicken gyro, and fries at Zaytun Mediterranean Grill.  YUM. 
Sushi at Asahi---again, a good, but not great place.  I felt like it was stylish and expensive.  (The back roll is the Caterpillar.)
Mr. S.'s sushi---spicier and more interesting than mine.  He had the Popcorn Lobster and the Spicy Salmon.
Neat presentation.
Filipino food at Sari was okay.  They have a tiny buffet, but a decent variety of dishes (~9-10).  The pork and chicken curry dishes were the best.  This is not the place to go if you like vegetables.  At $13/person, it was expensive, but we made sure to stuff ourselves.
On my anniversary, I had smoked ribs at F.A.B.D. (Frankfort Ave. Beer Depot)---falling off the bone and delicious.
1/2 of a chicken with Texas toast.  The chicken was decent; the smoked flavor penetrated well although the bark wasn't the best I've had.  We also had Kraft-like macaroni and cheese (bleh) and good onion rings (although I don't like those, they were well done).

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