Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who knew that vegan food could taste good?

I'm kidding...I think.  The only vegan food I've had prior to tonight was a ginger cookie from Amazing Grace, which is now gone.

The presence of food trucks is not new at all to places like LA and Portland.  I'm pretty excited about this trend here in Louisville, though, and hope that it lasts.  There are three trucks now that I know of: El Rumbon (see my past review here) , Lil' Cheezers (grilled cheese sandwiches) and Louisville's Morels Food Truck, which is in its second week of business.

Mr. S. and I decided to go today due in part to being depressed about Owensboro's International BBQ Festival, which is apparently not international whatsoever.  :(
Entertainment while you wait for your food.  :D
Mr. S. and I bought the teriyaki slider burgers and the banh mi hot dog.  Both were excellent.  The burgers were moist and had a great savory teriyaki flavor.  The hot dog tasted like a regular one (no lips/lymph nodes, yay!) with pickled carrot & daikon, topped with a generous amount of spicy mayo.  

Bottom line: very reasonably priced and extremely tasty.  This gives vegan food a good name to omnivores such as myself.  I <3 food trucks!

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