Monday, May 30, 2011

The new DIY project

Anyone want to make tempeh?

This meat substitute can actually be quite tasty.  Mr. S. and I had some in a chili in Asheville, and it was surprisingly delicious.  We researched more about it and discovered that making your own requires a starter...and also involves growing mold in your own house.  Deliberately.  :-O

We hope to get some starter from this website:

And I will document this process soon!

-Pie was horrible.  Not due to the crust (yay tenderness!), but due to the fact that I can't make filling worth a damn.  Too much cornstarch.  :(
-Lobster Fest 2011 pics soon...although they're on Facebook as well.
-Chocolate bourbon scones are really good.
-I tried the last food truck in Louisville, Lil' Cheezers.  :)  Review for that coming soon too.  

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