Sunday, August 29, 2010

Watching The Goodbye Girl with Mr. S...have you seen it?

We had Beer Friday #2 at our apt., which is pretty self-explanatory.   ^_^   I prepared turkey burgers with feta (recipe here:  I used everything but the parsley, olives, and Italian seasoning (don't care for the former, didn't have the latter).  Our friend M. was the grillmaster for the night, and did an awesome job.  We also bought turkey cheddar, white, and hot beef bratwurst.

Mr. S. made French onion dip, bacon & dehydrated tomato dip, queso, and bean dip.  I liked everything except for the bacon/tomato dip.  
Then on Saturday, we went canoeing, peach picking*, and wine tasting*, followed by eating bbq ribs.  (*Girls only afternoon out.  I had a great time.)
I'd never helped with peach cobbler before...much less with peaches we'd picked less than an hour before.  :)
T's jalapeno poppers---filled with cream cheese, other cheeses, and bacon....and deep fried....*sigh*
This 9"x13" pan was nearly demolished by all of us (along with a nice portion of vanilla ice cream).

Coming up this week: more bread through September (I am going to bake my way through this book!), an anniversary, and a new banner featuring Spiffy McGee, the world's laziest panda.

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