Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eating my way through Denver, Part 1

Just going to combine some days of the trip, in order to not bore you TOO much.  Plus I have more projects in the works and I need to remember that I started this to document my own cooking adventures, not so much the eating ones.  Although they are fun and so much simpler.  :)

Day 1: Golden (This town smells like yeast thanks to the Coors plant.)

Spinach, mozzarella, and chicken crepes with a small salad for lunch at Grappa Mediterranean Bistro.  I found it peculiar that they only served these and several flavors of gelato (Nutella and tiramisu included) but these were light and flavorful. 
Bakery goods at Pandoro Bakery, which is run by a nice Italian couple.  I bought the chocolate croissant and the chocolate/nut cookie seen in the very far right corner of the last picture.  Both were delicious, particularly the croissant.  
Homemade chicken alfredo with basil sauce (not quite pesto, since it was without nuts, and made by yours truly)
Day 2: in which we visit a French bakery
Daniel's of Paris was sadly mostly bare when we visited.
I purchased the togelais, which as far as I can tell is Aurora's own creation.  It consists of a shortbread base, chocolate mousse covered with dark chocolate ganache and with a rim of shredded coconut.  I enjoyed this more  as the flavors of the layers complimented each other better. 
My friend's dessert, the chantal, chocolate cake with hazelnut mousse, and amaretto syrup covered with dark chocolate ganache. It was rich yet light, with no amaretto flavor to meOverall, a little pricey at $3.50 per small pastry, but well worth the price.
Homemade jambalaya, based off a Paula Deen recipe.  Yummy and very comforting on a cold day.  I also made cinnamon rolls that night, but they looked the same as always.

Days 3-5 to follow, as well as my Chicago food adventures!

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