Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quite possibly the best doughnuts in the world.

I'm not much of a doughnut/donut person.  I don't drink coffee unless it's loaded up with a lot of flavored creamer, sugar, and milk, or unless it's free.  And you usually eat doughnuts when you drink coffee, right?  I usually don't go out of my way to get Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts.  Don't get me wrong, they're good, just not worth visiting on an early morning.

But all that has changed.  

Close to me, there's a lovely place called Nord's Bakery that's family owned and very friendly.  They're also crowded on Sat. mornings, with people parking on the street just to partake in the goodies.  They sell sugar cookies (with beach themes now, like beachballs and little bears in bikinis), blueberry muffins, and some bread too, but the main attraction is the approx. 2 dozen varieties of doughnuts.  There's regular glazed, chocolate glazed, caramel glazed, nut adorned, honey buns, sweet buns, cinnamon rolls, several kinds of Danish....etc.  

So what, you might say.  Well, I think these are better than Krispy Kreme.  

Last Sat., I bought Mr. S. a lemon Danish and for myself, a cinnamon and pecan covered Long John.  He reported that his tasted more like a cinnamon roll in the base, but that it was good.  I was happy with my sweet (but not sickeningly so) confection.  Two doughnuts for $1.77---not bad.

Today, I bought myself a twisted, layered glazed doughnut (didn't catch the name unfortunately) and a bacon covered Long John for Mr. S. (easily the weirdest one in the case).

So how did this taste?  Lovely.  A lot of sugar fell off, which was okay.  I was most impressed with the layers.
This got cracked in transit.  :|  It smells like caramel, but we think that it's maple flavored.  The bacon is salty and contrasts strangely w/ the maple.  Mr. S. did not like it and so I ate the rest (after throwing away the bacon).

Total: $1.55.  Not bad.

Let me know if my photographs can be improved (besides using my brown table and brown countertop....the lack of pretty back-drops is a bit frustrating).  For the last 2 pictures, I used a piece of tissue paper to diffuse the light of the built-in flash, thus giving the pictures a softer look IMO.  :)

More pics of Pulled Pork Fest #539 to come.
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