Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good? Yes. The best? No.

Let's keep it short and sweet here:

 The St. Matthews

 The White Pizza

 Our pizza- The Brownsboro
The Clifton

  • Crust- chewy on the edges and very thin, but soggy in the middle.  I expected a charcoal flavor since they boast about the 600 degree coal fired oven....but there was none.  
  • Sauce- didn't miss it!  This was a pleasant surprise. 
  • Toppings- tasty caramelized onions made the pizza memorable
  • Value- decent.  After all, this is in St. Matthews. 
  • Best pizza in Louisville?  No.  Would I try something else here?  Yes.
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  1. Of course I would have to order the Clifton. :)
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