Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Hungry Panda has Oklahoma City!  Don't worry, this is just temporary.  :) 

 I helped break in my mom's new oven with cinnamon rolls.
 White bread (an oldie but goodie)
 Chicken balsalmico leftovers from Johnny Carino's

 The Poor Man's Brioche, by Peter Reinhart (This tasted like challah more than anything.)
 La Baguette's German chocolate cake

 Lunch buffet at Gopuram (yummy)

 Fruit and sausage kolaches from Kolache Kitchen.  Mr. S. and I stopped by on a whim, just when they were closing.  The manager and delivery guy told me glumly that some lady had ordered 2 boxes and had never come by to pick them up, so they were giving them to me for free.  We tried to pay but were told insistently, "Merry Christmas."  So.....awesome!  We practically ran out of the store.  I don't care for the fruit ones (as the filling tastes artificial) but the sausage ones are excellent.
 My Aunt L's amazing spicy ginger cookies
 Mr. S. smoked a turkey and my mom made 3 ducks for Christmas dinner.  :)

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