Friday, June 18, 2010

There are more important things in life than a clean apartment.

Like my husband, family, and friends; food, traveling, and meeting new people...

But I digress:

1.) Cookies!!!!!  (From The Smitten Kitchen:  Minus the egg yolk, and minus 1/4 cup of butter)

2.) Elk Creek Wineries in Owenton, KY: the whole reason why I was so giddy in my last post...
This holds the equivalent of 24,000 bottles of wine.  WOW.
3.) Pie (pie!!!!!  I've been watching Feasting on Asphalt, season 2, and Alton Brown was eating so much pie that I wanted some for myself.)

This sign was very promising. 
Kentucky Nut Pie (ie, chocolate chips and pecans....two of my favorite pie fillings!  This was warm and gooey and mmmm.....I might have to go back.)

Next post...a fried baloney sandwich so special, it gets its own post.  :)

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